(From AFP)

Police have shot dead two Chinese Uighurs who were allegedly fighting alongside an extremist group in central Indonesia led by the country’s most wanted Islamic radical, an official said Wednesday.

Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation, has suffered a string of Islamic militant attacks in the past 15 years
Indonesian police shot dead 2 Chinese Uighurs in a clash with a local militant group in Sulawesi mountains

The members of the mostly Muslim ethnic minority were killed in a shootout on Tuesday morning in mountains on the island of Sulawesi, as authorities hunted for the radical group’s leader.

“We can confirm that the two who died were Uighurs,” Central Sulawesi police chief Rudy Sufahriadi said.

The Uighurs were fighting alongside Santoso, who leads the Eastern Indonesia Mujahideen, a group that has been waging a guerrilla campaign against authorities from remote bases in the jungles and mountains. Read more