On Sunday, sugar candy Bae Suzy made a public appearance at Seoul.

She came alone and posed for pictures sporting a pink top that laid bare her shoulders and participated in an autograph session to appease her fans gathered at the Shinsegae Department Store.

Her affair with her boyfriend Lee Min-ho still remains a mystery.

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Earlier this year, media reported that their relationship was healthy and going good, much to the relief of their fans. According to Drama Fever, the actor was seen wearing a silver band on his finger when promoting KyoChon. Fans compared it to the ring Suzy wore at another promotional event recently. A Fashion & Style article noted that both actors wore the simple silver band on the fourth finger of their right hand. In the twittersphere, fans speculated that the actors could in fact be wearing promise rings.

But after that there has been no update on their affair. Is it a deliberate effort on their part to keep their private life unexposed to the public? Or have they broken up? Their fans, who had been constantly browsing the Web for updates, cannot wait to know! But they would not open up, at least till now.

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They are not in this alone. Descendants of the Sun star, who has become an Asian phenomenon after the grand success of the Korean drama, also lamented the loss of privacy. As the drama came to a close and his popularity peaked, fans became inquisitive about his private affairs and media started to speculate a relationship between him and his Descendants of the Sun co-star Song Hye-kyo. Both look cute, share a chemistry and even publicly admitted having a fondness for each other.

At a point of time, Song Joong-ki went public that he was totally upset that his phenomenal fame has affected his privacy. “My family has been exposed to the media. Some people break into our house. My ex-girlfriend’s photos are circulating online. To say that these are things I need to endure for the sake of celebrity… that’s sad. I want to respectfully request that my private life remains private.” He even hinted at taking a break.

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Private affairs of popular K-pop stars most often than not become media fodder for hungry fans. While the latest update indicated that Lee Min-ho and Bae Suzy were still dating, will it be safe now to assume that the couple are still together? It is up to them to open up on this.

Meanwhile, Suzy is working hard, participating in events and promoting her image on account of her new projects.