Even while the MBC 10pm drama “W” is at the top of the popularity chart, the broadcaster announced that Episodes 7 and 8 scheduled for August 10 and 11, respectively, may be cancelled and rescheduled due to the Rio Olympics.

MBC made the announcement through the official homepage of “W” that the episodes may air normally or be cancelled. But the announcement triggered a flood of posts opposing the possible cancellation on the audience notice board of the site.

Soompi reported that such cancellations may hit the ratings and the story flow. “W” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that a “W”cast member will be holding a fan meeting to celebrate the show’s success. Nielsen Korea recently confirmed that the new MBC series has officially won the ratings battle based on the latest Content Power Index (CPI) data. The report showed that “W” gathered 273.3 CPI points on its first week, followed by “Doctors” with 266.4 CPI points. Its direct rival during the Wednesday–Thursday primetime slot, “Uncontrollably Fond,” had scored 242.4 CPI points.

Olympics broadcast may affect the popularity of Korean dramas apart from disheveling their schedules by drawing the viewers to the Games. On Friday, South Korea became the first country to set a world record in Rio. South Korean Kim Woo-jin scored 700 in the 72-arrow ranking round to set the record. In London 2012, another South Korean, Im Dong-Hyun, had set the previous record by scoring 699.