Capital Link International CEO Brett McGonegal led a panel discussion on Fintech at the First Global Advisory Committee Meeting of AMTD on November 14, 2016.

The panel, titled The Digital Transformation of Strategic Industries, focused on how the Fintech industry had reached a point of operational maturity after producing such spectacular expectations during its early development. “We burst onto the scene with a lot of promise and a lot of hype and then companies had to execute,” said Jason Jones, Co-founder and President of Lendit. “Now we’re in the execution phase.”

Also taking part in the discussion were David Chin, Director of the Board of Postal Savings Bank of China; Jason Jones, Co-founder and President of Lendit; Raymond Yung, CEO of L.R. Capital Group; Raymond Qu, Founder and CEO of Geoswift; William Gee, Partner and Head of Financial Innovation of PricewaterhouseCoopers.