In an attempt to prevent maids from being exploited, the consulate generals of the Philippines and Indonesia, in Hong Kong, are to share blacklists of employers who have records of abusing their domestic workers.

Complaints against employers are usually filed by domestic helpers and their acquaintances, or by employment agencies or neighbours of the employer families, Ming Pao Daily reported, citing the Indonesian consul for manpower and labour, Iroh Baroroh. Five people are now on the blacklist due to cases related to abuse, sexual harassment or unpaid wages.

Two Hong Kong women said in the report that they had been barred from hiring maids by the Filipino and Indonesian consulate generals, respectively. They complained that it was too easy for maids to put their employers on the blacklists.

However, the Chairman of the Hong Kong Employment Agencies Association, Cheung Kit-man, said the consulates only blacklisted employers against whom there was ample evidence of abuse.