A suspicious bomb-like object was found by pedestrians on a traffic island at the junction between Cornwall Street and Kent Road in the Kowloon Tong area of Hong Kong on Thursday morning.

At 10am, a pedestrian called for police assistance after taking note of a suspicious object that was labeled “TNT”, the public broadcaster RTHK reported.

Trinitrotoluene, or TNT for short, is a pale yellow, solid organic nitrogen compound used chiefly as an explosive.

Hong Kong’s Transport Department closed all lanes on Cornwall Street between Beacon Hill Road and Devon Road from 10:45am until 12:39pm. It revealed that the suspicious package was blown up by bomb disposal officers with the aid of a robot.

The device turned out to be a fake bomb comprised of six one-foot-long red paper rolls resembling dynamite, the Oriental Daily newspaper reported.

Police labeled the case “a bomb threat” and appealed to the public for information, particularly about any suspicious persons they may have seen beetween the hours of 9am and 10am on Thursday.