A Filipino domestic worker who had complained in a video that her employers were giving her insufficient food has died in Kuwait.

On Saturday, a Facebook user posted that Jeanette Plegaria had died from the abuse she had suffered from her employers. Pictures showed that Plegaria had lost weight and was malnourished.

In a video, Plegaria pleaded for help to return to the Philippines. She said she had fallen seriously ill as her employers did not provide sufficient food for her and she wanted to leave Kuwait.

Plegaria’s daughter, Gladys Plegaria Bantisil, posted on Facebook that she had not seen her mother in 11 years and was devastated about her death.

Jeanette Plegaria. Photo: Facebook, Gladys Plegaria Bantisil

Netizens expressed their condolences and anger at the maltreatment Plegaria had apparently suffered in Kuwait.

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