The Hebei provincial government has released a guideline to promote the industrial transformation and upgrade of Xiong’an New Area, with the aim of making it a core district of high-end, high-tech industries, reported.

According to the guideline, Xiong’an should concentrate on industries that are currently in the forefront of the international market and give priority to the next generation of information technology.

This includes artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, R&D of biological drugs, genetic engineering and high-end medical equipment.

Meanwhile, Xiong’an should also look ahead to deploy a batch of technologies that would actively nurture future industries, such as quantum communications, terahertz, blockchain, future network, brain science, stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine, nanomaterials, graphene, extreme environmental materials and liquid metals.

By 2020, the industrial framework in Xiong’an New Area is expected to be well established.