A Filipino maid was sacked by her Singaporean employer on April 24 after running up debts with loan sharks. The maid’s 41-year-old employer told her large online social media following about threats she had received from moneylenders.

The employer also told the Shin Min Daily News that her 32-year-old maid had rung up a string of debts. The drama started when her family first received a letter from a legitimate moneylender on April 23, saying her Filipino domestic worker had an outstanding debt.

The employer was angry and confronted her worker, who had a two-year contract which was to expire in September this year. The maid claimed she had settled the debt.

But it turned out the maid had lied – the employer went to see the moneylender. After discovering she’d been lied to, she terminated her worker’s contract and work permit on April 24 and wanted to send her back to the Philippines on April 26.

The woman then began receiving threatening letters from loan sharks and called police. The maid admitted she had failed to repay loans totaling S$2,100 from five illegal moneylenders.