A Filipino migrant worker was arrested after allegedly threatening in jest to blow up an airliner while he was on a flight to Manila from Saudi Arabia. 

On June 18, Alvin Malimban was arrested at Metro Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 after the plane landed, The Philippine Star reported.

According to Marissa Galvez, chief flight steward, she had refused to serve Malimban a third glass of wine because of his unruly behavior toward the airline staff. He then tried to steal a bottle of wine but was caught by a staff member.

Instead of apologizing, Malimban threatened to blow up the plane with a bomb, which caused panic among the passengers.

When the plane landed in Manila, airport police arrested Malimban. He faces several charges, including violating Presidential Decree 1727, also known as the Anti-Bomb Joke Law.