An 11-year-old Taiwanese-Vietnamese girl, who had earlier been reported missing by her primary school in Tainan, Taiwan, was found dead on vacant ground less than 100 meters from her home on Friday morning.

At 8:50am, the girl, who lived in Guanmiao District, set out for Shen Keng Elementary School, about 500 meters away. She was alone and on foot, heading for a summer class that was scheduled to start at 9 o’clock, the China Press reported.

By 9:20am, the girl, who was regarded as an obedient student, had not shown up in class, prompting the school to contact her Vietnamese mother by telephone.

Two hours later the mother, with police assistance, found her eldest child lying dead on vacant ground between two houses in their neighborhood. She had minor cuts to her jaw and her knees.

According to a report by The Liberty Times, the child had been in good health, and was suffering from no known illnesses.

CCTV footage showed a barking black dog chasing the scared girl for around 10 meters.

The police investigation is ongoing.