The sons of a Vietnamese mother detained by police in Taiwan for allegedly possessing and hiding a pistol, heroin and crystal methamphetamine in her motorcycle have said she could have been set up by their father.

The sons, a 10-year-old and his five-year-old brother from Chiayi County in southwestern Taiwan, filed a report to police insisting their 33-year-old mother was innocent, adding she may have been set up by their 40-year-old Taiwanese father.

Accompanied by their Vietnamese aunt, the two boys visited Changjhu Police Station in the Chiayi City Police Bureau after learning that their mother had been detained for allegedly possessing and hiding a pistol, heroin and crystal methamphetamine in her motorcycle, The United Daily News reported.

The boys’ Taiwanese father and their Vietnamese mother had been married for more than 10 years. However, the woman divorced her husband due to his violence behavior. Despite a personal protection order, the mother and two sons were constantly harassed by the man, prompting her to move to a rented apartment in Minxiong in May.

The pistol and illicit substances recovered from the woman’s motorcycle could have belonged to their father, the boys said, adding that he had a spare key to the bike.

The case was ongoing and the Taiwanese man is now required to assist the police investigation.