A total of 124 people were rescued from a ferry that caught fire near the port of Taloot in Argao, Cebu, on Sunday.

At 8am on Sunday, 97 passengers and 27 crew members were onboard a ferry called the M/V Lite Ferry 28 which departed from Tagbilaran, Bohol, and was on its way to Taloot Port in Argao, Cebu, The Filipino Times reported.

At 11:45am, when the ferry was about 300 meters from Taloot Port, a fire broke out. The Philippine Coast Guard dispatched vessels and rescued all 124 passengers and crew.

A private cargo ship docked at Taloot Port also rushed to the stricken vessel and helped rescued those onboard.

The fire was put out at 2:30pm, after four hours. The ferry was then towed to shore. According to the Maritime Industry Authority, the fire started in the ferry’s engine room. However, the cause of the fire was not yet known.