Migrant workers in Taiwan have had their first taste of moon cake as the island and its people get ready to celebrate the annual Mid-Autumn festival.

The second Tainan City service center of the National Immigration Agency celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with migrant workers in advance at Southern Taiwan Science Park on Thursday.

Migrants from various Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines and Vietnam, were intrigued by the festival legends of Chang E flying to the moon and Wu Gang chopping a laurel tree, The Taiwan Times reported.

Filipina Jaslin told reporters it was her first time tasting moon cake and pomelo fruit, traditional delicacies during the festival, and she found them tasty.

Officers from the National Immigration Agency also took the opportunity to remind workers that if they take the Taiwanese holiday and return home over the long weekend, they must not forget to obtain re-entry permits in advance to ensure a smooth entry at the border when they return.

Workers were also reminded not to drink and drive or else they would risk their lives and those of other road users.