A young man in India who wrapped a cobra around his neck for a photo was killed after the snake bit him. The incident occurred at around 4.30pm on November 12 in the southeastern state of Andhra Pradesh.

Ch Jagadeesh, 24, was at a market in Sullurpet Town when a drunk snake charmer was performing in the area, the Times of India reported. Ramaiah, the 50-year-old snake charmer, reportedly talked Jagadeesh into wrapping the snake around his neck.

According to local police officer Kishore Babu, Ramaiah was getting money from pedestrians as he put the snake on display. The charmer claimed he had removed the snake’s fangs but they allegedly grew back.

Ramaiah handed the snake to the victim, who used the snake to scare people around him. But as Jagadeesh held the snake by his neck, he was bitten on the hand.

The victim was taken to a local government health center for treatment, and then to Sri City Hospital. However, Jagadeesh passed away on his way to the hospital.

The snake charmer has been charged with being culpable for the man’s death.

According to experts, snake fangs are maxillary (linked to the upper jaw) and can grow back if there are no injuries to the animal’s gums. Even if they are permanently severed, if the venom gland is still intact, snakes can inflict a dangerous bite with other teeth and inject venom into wounds.