A short video made by real estate company Century Properties pays tribute to Filipino migrant workers for their hard work and perseverance in providing for their families.

Titled “Kami Naman,” or Our Turn in English, the 180-second video features a Filipino man who decides to work overseas and leave his wife and son behind to provide them with a better life, Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

Towards the end of the film, the man’s son, who is now grown, calls his father and tells him to come home for good. The son is shown to have a good life and education all thanks to his father’s hard work and wants to repay him by paying for the amortization of their new family home.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, there are 11 million Filipinos working across the globe, 2.3 million were deployed overseas during the period of April to September last year.

Filipino migrant workers are regarded as “the new heroes” in the Philippines as their sacrifices to provide for their families also contribute significantly to the country’s economy.