Two Hong Kong women who pleaded guilty to abusing a four-year-old girl by punching, kicking and burning her with a lighter were sentenced to 32 and 34 months in jail in the District Court on Thursday.

District Court Judge Ho Chun-yiu reprimanded the two women, Chan Tin-yau, 36, and her 41-year-old girlfriend Fung Ka-po, saying what they did was outrageous and he believed they probably did far more than what they admitted to in court, the Headline Daily reported.

The court had heard that the women, who were a couple at the time, babysat the four-year-old girl at the mother’s request. They admitted punching and slapping the girl in November 2017 during her two-week stay at their home in Mong Kok, Kowloon. Chan also placed a lighter near the girl’s thigh to scare her.

After the girl was knocked unconscious when she was smashed into a wardrobe in December, the pair asked the mother to take her away. The mother sent the girl to a hospital where doctors found her injuries suspicious. The mother called police and the pair were arrested.

The court heard the girl had bruises and scratches all over her body and had to undergo two operations because of a brain hemorrhage she had suffered.

A video clip showed the child’s nose clamped in a giant metallic clip while Chan and her girlfriend scold her in the background. The judge said the women were obviously making the girl suffer just for fun.

The judge said their acts could not be tolerated and there were no mitigating factors. The two women earlier pleaded guilty to one count of ill-treatment of a child in their care, while Chan also pleaded guilty to possession of dangerous drugs and of a tool for taking drugs.

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