A 38-year-old Bangladeshi construction worker plunged to his death from a tall residential building under construction in Melaka, Malaysia, and landed on the roof of a two-story house on Sunday morning.

At 10:27 am on January 13, Mohammad Nasir had been working on the 20th floor of a condominium on fell off, landing on the roof of a semi-detached house in the area, the China Press reported.

House owner Tan Soo Puay, 55, said he was startled by a loud bang coming from the second floor of his house. Expecting to find fallen construction materials, the family were shocked when they saw a large hole in the roof and the worker’s body on a ceiling beam. They quickly called the police.

Tan told reporters that while there was serious damage to the house, it was fortunate that no one was at home at the time, especially his elderly mother, who usually stayed in the bedroom the construction worker plunged into. His mother had been taken by their domestic worker to the living room that day instead.

The construction worker was pronounced dead at the scene by officers from the Jalan Kubu Fire and Rescue station, who also found parts of the condominium’s scaffolding, which had also fallen down.

The case has been referred to police, who were investigating the cause of death.