As the 40-year anniversary of the Sino-US relationship loomed, the People’s Daily Overseas Edition, the mouthpiece of China’s ruling party, reported in a front-page editorial that cooperation was the best choice for China and the United States, who are both hurting from difficult negotiations.

In the field of strategic security, China and the US should work together to ensure security for both sides, rather than the so-called unilateral “absolute security,” and to prevent slipping towards full confrontation.

In terms of the economy and trade, the two countries should adhere to the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, ensure healthy competition and abandon the so-called zero-sum game.

If possible, the two countries should enhance social and cultural exchanges and cooperation, and be inclusive of the differences in development paths and political systems.

As for global governance, the two countries should give full play to their comparative advantages, provide more and better international public goods and avoid mutual destruction.