Dongguan city in Guangdong province, known as the “factory of the world” that exports “Made in China” products, is expected to see its 2018 economic output exceed 800 billion yuan, reported.

Xiao Yafei, the mayor of Dongguan, said in a government work report that the city’s GDP could reach 830 billion yuan, an increase of 7.5%, which means it is outpacing Guangdong province and the country overall.

Meanwhile, Dongguan’s total import and export volume exceeded 1.3 trillion yuan, the fifth-largest in the country.

Pledging to achieve better results in the coming months, the government has set a 2019 growth target of 7%.

Xiao said for the next three years, Dongguan will have a window of opportunity to promote high-quality development.

At present, Dongguan’s high-tech products are mainly concentrated in five major areas: electronic information technology, biotechnology, new materials, optical electromechanical integration, and new energy-saving technology.

After three years of high productivity, Dongguan’s GDP could exceed one trillion yuan, according to the government report.