A Filipino domestic worker escaped from her abusive employers only to be raped by a Pakistani taxi driver in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and was severely injured in the attack.

A Facebook post by Nadzker Hartnett said the 28-year-old Filipina arrived in Riyadh six months ago and was a domestic worker. She was allegedly abused and mistreated by her employers.

She escaped from her employer’s house and took a taxi to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office. However, along the way the Pakistani taxi driver allegedly raped her.

The woman said in a video that she was offered 50 riyals by the driver, but she refused it. When She started to bleed heavily, the taxi driver left her and drove away. Fortunately, there were several Filipinas in the area and they took her to a hospital.

At the hospital, she was given a blood transfusion and had two operations to repair the damage done during the rape. She is now in the King Saud Medical City, Maternity Hospital.