A Filipina domestic worker escaped a jail term but was fined HK$2,000 (US$254) after pleading guilty to one count of theft at the Eastern Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

D A Toquero, a mother of two, was arrested and charged with stealing goods from a supermarket in Quarry Bay on Hong Kong Island in October last year, sunwebhk.com reported.

Court records showed she entered the Aeon supermarket in Kornhill Plaza on Kornhill Road in the afternoon and took some items from the racks and put them in a reusable bag and backpack.

The stolen items were worth HK$1,600 (US$203) and included two packs of coffee, 10 packs of chocolate, two boxes of fish oil pills, four packs of baby products, one T-shirt, a pair of baby shoes and a hoodie.

The woman then walked out of the store without paying for the goods.

An Aeon security guard in plain clothes saw her take the merchandise from the racks and stuff them into her reusable bag and then leave the store without paying for them. He stopped her outside the store and asked to search her bags. Most of the unpaid items were found in her bags.

In mitigation, a duty lawyer assigned to Toquero said she had two young children who were living with her parents in the Philippines. They were depending on the HK$2,500 she sent them every month.

The magistrate said she considered Toquero’s clean record and the fact the stolen items were recovered and returned to the supermarket. She fined her HK$2,000.