Seventeen Filipino sailors were evacuated from a container ship that caught fire on the open sea off Canada on January 3.

According to the Philippine Embassy in Canada, 22 crew members were on board the Yantian Express which was headed to Halifax, Nova Scotia, when the ship caught fire about 1,900 kilometers southwest of Halifax on January 3, Global News reported.

“All 17 Filipino seafarers on board the Yantian Express arrived safely in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on January 14, 2019, after being evacuated from their burning container ship,” the embassy said.

The embassy said 17 Filipinos had been evacuated from the burning ship and arrived safely in Halifax on Monday. “Responding ships in the area have now brought the fire under control, but the Yantian Express remains 1,300 kilometers off Halifax,” the embassy said.

Philippine Vice-Consul in Halifax Elizabeth Eustaquio-Domondon said the men were being assisted by their fleet manager for their return to the Philippines. Members of the Filipino community in Halifax met the men and provided them with food and other necessities.

On Monday, the Department of Foreign Affairs said five Filipinos had been reported missing after abandoning a ship that caught fire off Oahu, Hawaii, two weeks ago. The department said 16 other Filipino crew members had been rescued by the United States Coast Guard and other passing merchant vessels and had since returned to the Philippines. However, five were still missing.