Single women on the Mainland do not like Chinese New Year for an obvious reason. Many of them will be asked – after receiving their red packets – when they will get married so they can give the lucky money to the younger generation.

But at least one corporate body is showing support to these working women, who may be too buy busy to start a relationship.

Songcheng Performance Development Co, a Hangzhou-based cultural and tourism company, announced in a statement on Monday that it will offer its female staff aged over 30 eight more paid days of leave on top of the upcoming seven-day spring festival holidays.

The staff can extend their holidays if they need to.

The human resources department said many single women will be offered blind dates by their families and will probably need more time for preparation and communications.

“Women need to settle their family first before jobs,” it said.

To go the extra mile, those who can present a marriage certificate before year-end will get a double bonus for an extra incentive.

Many commented online and welcomed the new incentive because of its creativity and support to single women, who are under social pressure to get married.

China used to be a nation with young couples. Many couples would get married during their university days, or even before getting to college.

It is fashionable to get a marriage certificate a year before their wedding banquet, and a common slogan says “get into the car before buying tickets.”

But the rise of incomes for women, coupled with urbanization, has delayed, if not denied, them their chance of marriage. Thanks to the freedom of choice, nowadays women can choose not to commit early and many would rather stay single until the arrival of “Mr Right.’ It is a fashionable thing not to get married in the early 20s.

It will be interesting to see if more corporates announce similar benefits for staff in the Year of the Pig.