A 55-year-old married man faced rape and indecent assault charges against a 27-year-old Indonesian domestic worker at the High Court in Hong Kong on Friday, the Oriental Daily reported.

The man had hired the woman to take care of his mentally disabled daughter.

Tsang Wai-san, who was unemployed, faced two counts of indecent assault and two counts of rape against the domestic worker.

The victim, identified as X, appeared at the court hearing. She told the court that she reported for duty at Tsang’s family house in Kowloon’s Wong Tai Sin on December 10, 2017, to take care of his 12-year-old daughter who was mentally disabled.

Tsang asked her to share a bed with his daughter and told her not to lock the door. That night, he entered the room and indecently assaulted X. She woke up in fear and pushed Tsang away, but he told her “I love you,” the court heard.

As it was her first day on duty, she was afraid to lose the job so she did not tell anyone about the assault.

Nine days later, Tsang pulled X into the master’s bedroom and raped her. She told the court she did call for “help” in the Indonesian language.

When Tsang realized his wife was about to open the door, he stopped and pushed her back to his daughter’s room. Another indecent assault and rape happened on December 20 in the kitchen.

The trial continues on Monday.