Authorities in Jakarta, Indonesia, raided an apartment being used as a storage facility for drugs on Tuesday. Authorities raided the apartment in the Kembangan area after three suspects were questioned by police, The Jakarta Post reported.

The three had been accused of hiding drugs in a school lab in West Jakarta. Kembangan police chief Joko Handoko said hundreds of pills and other types of narcotics were found inside the apartment.

Two employees of the school were nabbed last week for storing crystal meth in the laboratory. A total of 355.56 grams of crystal meth, 7,910 pills and other prescription drugs were recovered from the apartment and the school.

The men were thought to be couriers for a drug ring operating out of a prison. The police chief added that the two could have been paid between 100,000 rupiah (US$7) and 500,000 rupiah (US$35) for moving and storing the drugs.