A rare type of durian has been selling for 14 million rupiah (US$990) each at a shopping mall in Indonesia. Two of the special durian named J-Queen were sold at the supermarket in Tasikmalaya, West Java, despite the price tag, the Straits Times reported.

The fruit was sold in a town where the minimum wage was set at two million rupiah (US$141) per month. Visitors reportedly took turns to take photos with the expensive fruit.

Aka, a 32-year-old psychology graduate, said the J-queen had a different taste compared with regular durian and was similar to peanut butter. He said the fruit was the result of cross-breeding two superior durian types.

The J-Queen, according to Aka, can only be harvested every three years with a maximum yield of 20 durians each time. One person on Twitter said he would rather spend the money on a motorcycle.

Durian is a popular fruit in Indonesia and is known to be an acquired taste due to its pungent taste and strong smell.