A 25-year-old Taiwanese man had his jail sentence reduced on appeal at Taiwan High Court on Wednesday for the attempted murder of his elderly grandfather.

The court learned that the accused surnamed Lo, who was a child from a broken family raised by his grandparents, was jobless and addicted to crystal methamphetamine. His drug use had caused him to develop methamphetamine-induced psychosis, the Liberty Times reported.

After being released from an earlier jail sentence in December 2017, Lo returned to his grandparents’ home, began using crystal meth again and stopped taking medication for his psychosis.

On January 12, 2018, Lo became angry after his wheelchair-bounded grandfather rejected his demands for money and instead asked him to look after his grandmother, who had been admitted to hospital.

Lo grabbed a chopper from the kitchen and struck his grandfather on the head. His grandfather’s caregiver, whose nationality was not disclosed, sought help from neighbors to send the elderly man to hospital.

The jury at the appeal hearing learned that the victim had already forgiven his grandson, who was believed to be mentally unstable due to drug-induced psychosis at the time of the attack.

Given his medical state at the time of the offence, and that he had been forgiven by his grandfather, Lo was handed down a sentence of six years and 10 months’ imprisonment, reduced from the original 10-year sentence.