A woman in Thailand was shocked when she found a small skink, or lizard, in a sticky rice snack. Junto Gaewpuong, 62, bought five packs of khao lam, or sweet sticky rice in bamboo, from a hawker at a railway station on January 22, mStar reported.

She had just visited her cousins in Nonthaburi province and was waiting for the train to return to Surin at about 4 am.

She paid 20 baht (US$0.6) for five short pieces of bamboo containing sticky rice and the hawker gave her one for free. She got to the final piece and cracked the bamboo open and saw a whole lizard stuffed inside. She was shocked and felt nauseous.

The 62-year-old asked hawkers to be aware of what was inside the food they sell and stressed they must be alert about hygiene. Junto said she would not be buying snacks from hawkers any more.

Only days earlier, another woman in Thailand also found a dead lizard in a pack of fried fish skin snacks. Salted Egg, the Singaporean company that produced the snack, publicly apologized and took measures to rectify the situation that damaged their image.