A Kenyan saleswoman has been sentenced to seven years in prison for pouring two liters of acid on a Filipino woman’s face in Dubai.

The 48-year-old Filipina was visiting a male Kenyan friend in his apartment in the Al Satwa area in March last year. The Filipina said she went to pick up her shoes she forgot to take home the day before, Gulf Today reported.

The Filipina said she was sitting on the side of her friend’s bed while she waited to use the bathroom when the Kenyan woman suddenly came in and poured acid on her. The acid flowed down on the Filipina’s shoulders, arms, hands, torso and legs.

The Kenyan man said he suffered severe pain as some of the acid splashed on him as well. He and the Filipina rushed to the bathroom to wash the acid off and then went to Rashid Hospital for treatment.

The Filipina sustained serious injuries, which caused her to go blind and her face disfigured.

At the Dubai Court of First Instance, the Kenyan woman confessed to pouring the acid on the Filipina but denied causing total blindness to her. The woman admitted that she wanted to hurt the Filipina.

On Tuesday, the Kenyan woman was sentenced to seven years in prison to be followed by immediate deportation.

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