A woman was filmed blocking a bus in Singapore and demanding that the driver do a U-turn after she had reportedly missed her stop.

On Sunday Facebook netizen Pravin Kumar uploaded a four-minute video showing the woman blocking Bus 43 bound for Punggol outside the MacPherson MRT station, The Independent reported. She blamed the driver for missing her stop and demanded that he turn back to where she had to get off.

The woman, who spoke in Chinese, said she took the bus from the East Coast. The driver told her she had yet to arrive at her stop but she got angry as she felt she was traveling further away from her destination.

Kumar wrote on his post that the driver tried his best to convince the lady it was impossible to turn back but she kept arguing regardless.

A couple stepped in to defuse the situation. They explained to the lady that she was blocking the bus and only then did she relent and allow it to continue its journey.

Most netizens were displeased with the woman’s behaviour, with some saying she was focused too much on her smartphone and not on the road. Others applauded the couple’s well-mannered approach in diffusing the matter.