A Filipino domestic worker in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has taken to social media to seek help after she was forced by her employer to continue working despite having recently undergone an appendectomy.

Facebook user Meriam Armeñia Mendoza posted a video of Emy Francisco, who is a domestic worker in Riyadh, pleading for help to be rescued after she was forced to work after undergoing surgery for appendicitis, Kwentong OFW reported.

Francisco said in the video that she was afraid of complications that might arise if she continues working while recovering from the surgery. The domestic worker even showed the scar from her operation to prove that she did undergo surgery.

The Filipina claims that her employer is not allowing her to return to the Philippines and is now pleading for help to get back home. She is also asking for people who know her to reach out to her family and have them report her case to government agencies in the Philippines.

Some online observers were critical of how the Filipina was being treated by her employer. However others were of the opinion that the Filipina should be grateful to her employer for providing her with medical assistance, and thankful that she is not being abused.