China has been rocked by another medical scare.

Authorities on Wednesday tested a batch of human immunoglobulin for intravenous injection after they were reportedly contaminated with the HIV antibody, according to media reports.

“Shanghai authorities have run virus tests for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C on the reported batch and they all show negative,” the National Medical Products Administration said in a statement.

China’s National Health Commission made it clear there was a “very low” risk of HIV infection from the batch after a baby was reported to have tested “weak” HIV positive, Reuters reported.


Still, it asked medical institutions to halt the use of the plasma and seal remaining supplies for further investigation.

The move appears to have headed off the possibility of yet another outcry over medical and food products in the country.

Incidents have included the falsifying of production records for rabies vaccines which prompted a nationwide crackdown.

So far, it is unclear how many people may have been injected with the batch under investigation. Media reports have suggested that the batch contained 12,226 doses, with an expiry date of 2021.


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