A French drug suspect was recaptured last week after escaping from an Indonesian jail almost two weeks earlier.  On December 1, Felix Dorfin, 35,  was found hiding in a forest in North Lombok, the Borneo Bulletin reported.

He was wearing scruffy black clothes and looked tired and was returned to the jail in the Mataram area. Herman Suriyono, the Police Chief of North Lombok, said Dorfin did not resist arrest but tried to bribe police to let him go. He added that a tip-off from locals led to Dorfin’s capture.

Dorfin was cleared by medical teams before returned to jail. Dorfin was originally arrested in September when authorities found four kilograms of drugs in his false-bottomed suitcase at Lombok airport. If found guilty, he could face the death sentence. A female police officer was also arrested for allegedly helping Dorfin escape after receiving 14.5 million rupiah (US$1,000) bribe.


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