A Filipino domestic worker in Dubai has run away from her employer’s house after fearing that he may be using black magic against her.

Rose, 37, who has worked in the United Arab Emirates for four years, said that while she was cleaning her employer’s villa in Jumeirah, she found a photo of her hidden in a box alongside voodoo dolls and a book of Satanic verse, The National reported. The report did not mention why she was rummaging around the private property of her employer.

The Filipina feared confronting her employer and instead sought help from the Philippines Consulate to either transfer her to another employer or have her repatriated. She said she did not want to press charges against her employers as it might delay her return home.

“I was scared to live in the house, so I felt I had to leave as soon as possible,” Rose said.

The Philippine Consulate assisted Rose, who was repatriated back to the Philippines. Consul General Paul Cortes called on distressed Filipinos in the UAE to visit the Consulate for assistance.

“If anyone is in distress, they can access financial help to aid their repatriation,” Cortes said.

Practicing black magic or sorcery is illegal in the UAE and punishable by imprisonment, a fine and/or deportation and banning from the country. Falsely claiming someone can be cured of illness or benefiting financially by using black magic is also considered fraud under federal law.