An American actress of Filipino descent is set to play a role in Lauren Yee’s semi-autobiographical play King of the Yees. Krystle Piamonte will be playing a dramatized version of Lauren Yee, reported.

While the play is set in San Francisco, the show has never been staged there. Piamonte, who is from San Francisco, said it was an honor to be part of the play’s homecoming. She described the script as “a beautiful love letter to her family and Chinatown in San Francisco.”

The actress is part Filipino and part Chinese and her parents were immigrants, just like the playwright.

Piamonte said the lead role of Lauren Yee was a highlight of her career, but she also sees it as intimidating as the character is based on a real person. She said getting to play the part was challenging yet fulfilling and the character had to be a grounded one in an assortment of larger-than-life characters due to her being the central part of the story.

Piamonte previously starred in Inside Out and Back Again, Two Mile Hollow and Welga. King of the Yees will be running until March 2 at the San Francisco Playhouse.