An Indonesian domestic worker who was kept isolated and unpaid for years in Jordan has returned home. Diah Anggraini, 36, lost contact with her family in October 2006 after she left for Jordan. From 2006 to 2018, she was denied her rights as a worker and as a human being – her rights to free movement and to fair payment, as well as being denied any contact with her family.

Andy Rachmianto, Indonesia’s ambassador to Jordan, said in a statement that Diah claimed to have been treated inhumanely and being unpaid. She had to run away in order to return home.

The Indonesian government was able to locate her after investigating the situation with the assistance of multiple groups. In December, results from the investigation indicated that the woman had been undocumented since 2014.

A release by the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower issued last week pointed out that Diah was unable to speak Indonesian properly after not speaking it for years. She was given shelter by the Indonesian Embassy in Amman as the authorities tried to get compensation for her.

Diah’s ex-employer and the embassy made a deal that got her 127 million rupiah (US$9,000) in lieu of 12 years of wages, about two-thirds of what she was owed.

While living at the embassy, Diah studied the Indonesian language and took a health-massage class that the government offered her as a new career option for when she returns home.

On Monday, Diah finally returned home to Indonesia, with the opportunity of a fresh start.