An Indonesian man was mauled to death by a crocodile on Tuesday while he was hunting for crabs in Malaysia. Muh Tahir Majid Syam, 40, was hunting for crabs by a river with his nephew in Sarawak before he went missing, the Straits Times reported.

While his nephew was looking for him, he saw the man’s head emerge above the water before he sank again. On February 13, Syam’s body was found covered in bite marks. Authorities concluded he was killed by a saltwater crocodile. Syam was a migrant worker on an oil palm plantation.

Saltwater crocodiles are prominently seen along rivers and beaches on Borneo island, which is shared by Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. A series of attacks by crocodiles have been reported in the area. In 2017, Sarawak started issuing licenses to hunt crocodiles to curb their population.