A man in was caught on camera in China stealing money from a restaurant diner’s bag without anyone noticing.

The robbery took place on February 15 at a restaurant in Chongqing. In the camera footage, the thief can be seen acting natural and pretending to tie his shoelaces as he waits to strike. The moment the victim gets engaged in the meal with his friends and family, the thief casually takes the valuables and walks away.

Authorities were informed of the robbery by the victim. While they were investigating the first case, another case popped up with the man in green found to be the same perpetrator using the same modus operandi.

The thief, who had taken about 3000 Yuan (US$446) from the two robberies, was later caught by the authorities. He explained that as long as one acts natural and blends in, it is very easy to get away with stealing.

He is currently being held by Chinese Public Security and may be charged with theft.