Kim Phuc became known as the “Napalm girl” after Associated Press photographer Nick Ut took her picture in 1972 after a bombing raid by planes in Vietnam left her badly burned. The photo won a Pulitzer prize in 1973. Phuc is now back in the limelight after being awarded a prize for her efforts in promoting world peace.

Phuc, 55, who now lives in Canada, was honored for her efforts in supporting UNESCO as well as children who were wounded in war and was given the Dresden Prize in Germany, The Guardian reported. She reportedly received 10,000 Euros (US$8,800).

In 1972, a South Vietnamese plane dropped napalm on Phuc’s village as they believed North Vietnamese troops were hiding there. Ut photographed a severely burned and naked Phuc when she was nine years old and the photo made front pages around the world.

Christopher Wain, a British journalist, saw the image and fought to have her moved to an American-run unit that was equipped to handle her severe burns. She sustained third-degree burns to 30% of her body, for which she began scar treatment in 2015.

Previous recipients of the Dresden Prize include former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and Tommie Smith, the American civil rights activist.