A thief in Vietnam returned money and two smartphones he stole from a woman after he felt guilty about the crime. On January 28, guards at the People’s Committee of the An Phu Ward in Binh Duong province found the stolen items, including 100 million dong (US$4,300), in a bag left outside the premises.

According to police, the thief also included a letter of apology to the victim, VN Express reported.  The thief explained in the letter that he stole the items after loan sharks continuously harassed him for not repaying a loan. He added that he did not expect to see that much money and thought the victim must have had some urgent business to be holding that much cash.

Authorities confirmed the robbery happened on the same day. Phan Thi Bich Tuyen, 25, had her bag snatched by the robber when she was on her motorbike. The bag contained 107 million dong (US$4,600), an iPhone X and an iPhone 6.  Tuyen was later reported to have asked police to not pursue the thief, as she reportedly said she believes everyone is good at heart.