Two truck drivers were arrested on Sunday in possession of 11 kilograms of crystal meth in Banten, Indonesia. Adnan A Razak and Maimun were arrested by officers from the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), the Customs and Excise Office and the Banten port authority, The Jakarta Post reported.

According to BNN deputy head of drug eradication Inspector General Arman Depari, 11 kilograms of crystal meth were found in 10 large packets and seven small packets, all of which were concealed in a wooden box. Depari added that the BNN received a tip-off about two trucks carrying meth in Banten Port with their destination being Jakarta.

A K9 unit was deployed when authorities searched the trucks.

Depari also said the drugs were brought to Indonesia from Malaysia through Aceh. The two truck drivers are being detained at BNN headquarters in Cawang, East Jakarta.