Authorities in Vietnam last Thursday arrested two men on the same day they robbed an expressway toll station of 2.2 billion Vietnamese dong (US$95,000).

Wearing long black coats and masks, Tran Tuan Anh, 26, and Nguyen Vu Hoang Nam, 29, entered the Long Thanh—Dau Giay toll station in Dong Nai Province at around 7am on February 7 and threatened three accounting staff with guns and knives, VN Express reported. 

The duo, who turned out to be former employees of the toll station, emptied a safe full of money and made their getaway by motorcycle. However, about three kilometers from the crime scene, Anh fell from the motorcycle, hurting his legs. Nam left Anh at a railway station, parked the bike at a nearby hospital and hitchhiked to Ho Chi Minh City.

By telephone, Nam told Anh to head to Ho Chi Minh City to receive the equivalent of US$2,150, with the rest of the money to be split up after “things died down.”

At around 11pm, the two were caught at the Ho Chi Minh City Railway Station when they met to split the proceedings of the robbery. They were caught with an unspecified amount of gold that Nam had purchased. The duo has since confessed to carrying out the robbery.