A Vietnamese woman has fled from immigration officials after she was detained following her arrival at Narita International Airport yesterday.

The 22-year-old woman, who remains unnamed, arrived on a VietJet Air flight from Hanoi on February 9, the Tokyo Reporter reported. She reportedly explained to an immigration examiner that she wanted to enter the country for a job as a technical trainee.

She was then asked to stay the night at Terminal 1 after an irregularity was found in her request. The next day, she escaped through a door as she was being taken between Terminal 1 and 2 by airline staff.

As of February 10, the woman, who was last seen wearing a light blue jacket and black pants, remains missing.

Hiroyuki Maeda, the chief of the general affairs section of the Narita branch of the immigration bureau said the authorities will work with agencies to prevent similar cases from happening.