A 28-year-old Vietnamese resident in Macau who was recently visited by Vietnamese relatives has been diagnosed with measles. This brings the total number of measles cases in Macau this year to four.

The woman said to be working for StarWorld Hotel on Avenida Da Amizade, had shown fever, conjunctivitis and cough symptoms since February 18, Macao Daily News reported.

The patient reportedly visited a clinic before being admitted to Kiang Wu Hospital after she developed a rash on her face and body on February 23.

As her condition became more serious, on the same night she was transferred to Conde S. Januário Hospital, where she tested positive for measles. She remains in hospital, reportedly in fair condition.

The patient did not travel outside Macau during the measles incubation period.

However, between February 4 and February 10, a group of around ten relatives visited her from Vietnam and stayed with her.

One of the relatives, her six-month-old niece, suffered a fever on February 8. The girl returned to Vietnam and was later confirmed with measles.

After reviewing the patient’s travel history, the health bureau classed her case as a travel-related imported infection.

No symptoms were found among her friends, housemates and colleagues in Macau, though health officials will continue to monitor them.