An eight-year-old boy was mauled and killed by a snow leopard, which attacked him outside his home in Pakistan on Monday.

Sufiyan, who lived in Chanati village in the Namli Mira area of Abbottabad, was playing outside his house on March 18 when the snow leopard attacked him, Pakistan Today reported. The boy’s body was retrieved from a ravine nearby late at night.

Local resident Sardar Muhammad Iqbal urge wildlife officials to closely monitor the movement of leopards and other big cats in the area to prevent additional casualties while at the same time ensuring the animal remains protected from extinction.

He added that heavy snowfalls during the winter may have brought the leopards to the area. The leopards have been damaging properties and endangering local citizens and cattle.

Iqbal also demanded that cameras be installed in the neighborhood to maintain the safety of locals.