Everyone wants to have a wedding to remember – a ceremony with laughs and cheers that every attendant will fondly recall for the rest of their lives.

We are not talking about the Crazy Rich Asians-style wedding in Hong Kong last Friday put on by self-exiled former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra for his daughter in the luxurious and newly opened Rosewood hotel. We are talking about a local wedding party that has been the talk of the town.

Last weekend, a couple threw a Chinese banquet which went viral on social media because of the exceptional openness of sexual gestures rarely seen at other weddings.

Guests were shocked to discover the newly-weds played up the theme of an adult video with an enlarged cover photo that resembled a poster for the video Tram Stalker, which shows a man following a woman and trying to put his tongue into her ear.

The man follows the woman to the MTR. Photo: Facebook

In the video, a man stalks a woman wearing a short skirt to the MTR and keeps sexually harassing her. The woman seems frightened and helpless. In the end, the man asks her in a sleazy voice if she can be his friend. The woman then shouts at him: “Are you crazy? We are getting married today! Psycho!”

Wedding guests were encouraged to sign a movie poster titled “exotic marriage,” with the added line “Marriage is like hell – and you should suck it up no matter what!”

The woman on the MTR seems helpless in the video. Photo: Facebook

The wedding theme generated a storm of discussion on social media and some extreme comments. Some thought it was so outside-the-box and a loss of face for the older and younger generations that the newlywed couple should have regretted.

However, some praised the couple and said it was their right to choose the style of wedding they wanted and were bold enough to deviate from the traditional template of using almost identical photos or videos to stage an unforgettable evening.

The bride, named Mak To To, wrote on Facebook that with the support of their families, they decided to use the Tram Stalker theme to show how a husband gets infatuated with his beloved wife.

“People like to play prince and princess in a mainstream wedding,” she said. “But we wanted to be more down-to-earth and exotic with a surprise performance.”

The couple had asked the opinions of their parents about the main theme of their wedding banquet, pictures and videos. They received strong support from their parents, who they said were open-minded.