A 38-year-old Singaporean man from Bukit Panjang has written to a local newspaper, complaining that over four years he had failed to find a good foreign domestic worker to care for his father, who had suffered a stroke.

The man, surnamed Chua, a security officer, complained about how difficult it was to hire a good caregiver to look after his 75-year-old father, the Shin Min Daily News reported. His first worker quit after four months after a fruit knife, a razor and other toiletries for men were recovered from her handbag.

His second caregiver, who worked for the family for one year, bought herself a ticket and informed the employer at the last minute of her decision to fly back home to take care of her sick mother.

His third hire stayed for two years, but she was alleged to be arrogant. In January this year, the employer hired another worker, specifying the prospective candidate should have work experience. It turned out both parties had very different interpretations of work experience as the woman confessed she had previously been a singer in a nightclub, instead of being in the healthcare industry.

By 9 am on March 12, the worker left without saying goodbye to the family. Chua filed a missing persons report to police and called the embassy, where officers told him the woman was no longer willing to work for the family.

The employment agency replied to media inquiries, saying they were arranging a half-refund of the S$1,500 service fee.

After having his last worker ran away, the employer decided to send his father to a home for the elderly.