A Filipino migrant worker allegedly died after jumping out of a moving car in Australia last week and his family are demanding answers.

Jerwin Royupa, 21, went to work at an organic farm in Australia in February. However, after less than one month, Royupa was experiencing difficulties at work and his employer took his passport, ABS-CBN News reported.

According to Royupa’s sister, Jamaica Royupa-Buraga, her brother was overworked and made to work 10 hours a day. Buraga said her family received news that Royupa was hospitalized on March 14.

Buraga said the employer informed them that Royupa got into an accident and jumped out of a moving car. Royupa had internal bleeding in his head and chest. On March 15, Royupa succumbed to his injuries.

Royupa was planning to return to the Philippines this month. His family doubts he committed suicide and suspects foul play in his death. One of his siblings claimed in a Facebook post that Royupa did not receive his salary for a month.

Police are looking into Royupa’s death and could not repatriate his remains as an investigation is ongoing.