A Filipino man in Dubai who was convicted of the manslaughter of his friend has lost an appeal against a three-year prison sentence.

The incident happened on August 10 last year at a parking lot in Al Satwa area when the 28-year-old Filipino, who was working as a nurse in Dubai, had an argument with his compatriot that led to an altercation, The Filipino Times reported.

According to the police, the two were under the influence of alcohol. As they were walking back to their accommodation, the victim insisted he did not want to go home. This led to an argument, and when the Filipino nurse tackled his friend, he fell to the ground and hit his head on the pavement.

A group of Pakistani men saw the incident and tried to stop the fight. However, the suspect claimed that the group had chased them and assaulted the victim, causing his death. It was later revealed by the police that the Filipino alone was responsible for his friend’s death.

On November 29 at the Dubai Court of Misdemeanors, the Filipino was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to three years in jail, with an order for him to be deported after completion of his prison sentence. An appeal to the Dubai Appeals Court for a more lenient punishment was rejected on Friday.